Saturday, December 17, 2011

John Lloyd bring Magic on and off-screen

Jack ‘n’ Jill Magic - John Lloyd Cruz team-up continues to bring magic on and off-screen

Now airing on your favorite television stations, the sequel to Jack ‘n’Jill Magic and John Lloyd Cruz team up.

Working his own magic on viewers with every line that he delivers, John Lloyd is once again the choice of Universal Robina Corporation (URC), as the endorser of Jack ‘n’ Jill Magic.

John Lloyd recently starred in a series of television commercials for Magic Flakes, crunchy premium crackers; Magic Creams, crackers with yummy chocolate and butter fillings; Magic Coated, chocolate cracker sandwich covered with rich chocolate; and Magic Chips, hearty baked bite-sized crackers that come in Cheese and BBQ flavors.

More than his good looks and boyish charm, John Lloyd’s excellent skills as a versatile actor make him stand out. His ability to make his characters come to life elicit different emotions from viewers with ease, so much so that people would suddenly find themselves crying or laughing with him.

These qualities make him the perfect endorser for Jack ‘n Jill Magic. URC Marketing Manager for Biscuits, Chris Fernandez, says, “Magic is all about surprising snacking possibilities -- a life full of fun, excitement and spontaneity. We feel John Lloyd embodies this because he is such an exciting and effective actor who never fails to bring magic to people, on and off screen.”

When asked about his career achievements, John Lloyd described them as something that is “magical”. He explained, “For me, magic is something that has no formula, something you just cannot create. What I’ve achieved in the business is no joke. But it couldn’t have been all hard work and talent. There has to be some kind of magic that made things work out.”

This dynamic actor seems to make life more exciting for his audience. Like Magic’s line of products, which are great snacking options filled with fun, excitement and spontaneity.

John Lloyd shared that he fell in love with Jack ‘n’ Jill Magic products because they all taste great. “Lahat masarap,” John Lloyd says without batting an eyelash. “’di ba taste is 90 percent smell? So naaamoy ko pa lang, alam ko na kung masarap o hindi,” he said.

A healthier snacking option, Magic fits John lloyd’s current strict diet as he prepares for upcoming projects. Indeed, John Lloyd with Jack ‘n Jill Magic is a match made in heaven.

Check out the new Magic TV commercials starring John Lloyd Cruz, now showing at your favorite channels.

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