Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Close Up launches “Moving Closer” music video by Never The Strangers

Close Up launches “Moving Closer” music video by Never The Strangers

For many years, Close Up has been creating moments to get people closer. It has played a big role in Pinoy Pop Culture as well as in discovering stars and idols, who later on turned into famous personalities. It has been known for its “kilig” commercials and music videos that are backed up by romantic timeless OPM hits. Some of the notable artists and celebrities who have been part of this Close Up tradition are Gino Padilla, Gabby Concepcion, Barbie Almalbis, Paolo Santos, Rico Blanco and Sam Milby.

Band : Never the Strangers
Close Up continues its legacy of giving people the confidence to get closer with the launch of the latest Close Up music video entitled “Moving Closer.” Composed and sung by the hottest and fast-rising pop rock band Never The Strangers, Moving Closer showcases a fresh and upbeat sound as well as the sentimentally romantic theme that Close Up songs are famous for.

Never The Strangers is composed of lead vocalist and keyboardist Ace Libre, drummer PJ La Viña, bassist Francis Victa, and guitarist JP del Mundo. Co-managed by former Close Up artist Rico Blanco, the band believes that no one will ever be strangers to one another in music.

Rico Blanco. Gino Padilla & Band: Never the Strangers
Aptly launched during the culmination of this year’s most romantic event, the Close Up Pyromusical, the new “Moving Closer” music video made a strong connection among the audience. The song’s sentimental lyrics and the band’s haunting rendition plus the video’s inspiring love story truly captured the ears and hearts of today’s young lovers.

The three minute music video featured Close Up’s new faces Ian Batherson and Valerie Weignmann. They convincingly portrayed two strangers who fall in love at first sight and get lost into their own world. As the story progresses, they discover the confidence to get closer and know each other better.

With the new Close Up music video ang song, the close up legacy of giving people the confidence to get closer lives on. 

MARCH 17, 2012  "Media Launch" at SM Mall of Asia

 Close Up_Moving Closer Lyrics:

Never The Strangers

When you smile, everything's in place
I've waited so long, can't make no mistake.
All I am reaching out to you;
I can't be scared, gotta make a move.

While we're young, come away with me
Keep me close and don't let go

Inch by inch, we're moving closer
Feels like a fairy tale ending
Take my heart, this is the moment
I'm moving closer to you…
(I’m moving closer to you)

Who'd have thought that I'd breathe the air
Spinning 'round your atmosphere?

I hold my breath falling into you;
Break my fall and don't let go.

(Chorus 2x)

Moving closer…closer to you
Moving closer…
I’m moving closer to you