Thursday, March 29, 2012

Samsung Smart Camera WB 150F with Wi-Fi technology

Samsung officially launches the Samsung Smart Camera WB150F.The Samsung SMART Camera WB150F changing the way we share memories with its SMART
 Wi-Fi technology.

Samsung Electronics Philippines Corporation (SEPCO), one of the country’s leaders in digital media and digital convergence technologies, recently launched  their 2012 Digital Imaging product line-up at the Rockwell Tent in Makati. Leading the featured 2012 line-up is the new Samsung SMART Camera WB150F which was officially introduced by Ariel Arias, Samsung Business Unit Head for the AV group.

The Samsung SMART Camera WB150F, the newest member of the WB line-up,
features an impressive 18x optical super zoom that captures incredible detail of 

even distant subjects. With its outstanding 14.2MP resolution, images are captured with such clarity and can be easily viewed on its 3.0” LCD display.

Housed in a compact, light and durable body, the new zoom camera from Samsung makes it the perfect lifestyle companion this summer. Besides 
the advanced optical zoom and image quality that the WB range is known for, the Wi-Fi capability of the Samsung WB150F enhances and facilitates the sharing and saving of images – wherever you may be in the world. Of course, one of the best parts of discovering new places and cultures is sharing your experiences with friends and family back home.

Using the Wi-Fi capability of the new Samsung SMART Camera WB150F, the sharing and the saving of pictures are quicker and easier than ever before. From any Wi-Fi hotspot, users can share them on social networking sites such as Facebook, Picasa and Photobucket or post videos on YouTube in a few simple steps. Or you can simply email your photos straight from the camera. Now you can easily share your pictures whenever and wherever you are in the Philippines or abroad.

The new Samsung SMART Camera line-up also demonstrates digital convergence 

with other gadgets. Users no longer have to worry about unearthing a tangle of 
cables to transfer images over their PC by simply using the Auto Backup function. 
You can also share your photos instantly to your friends using the Mobile Link. Just download the Mobile Link app to your Samsung Smartphone and let the sharing begin.

“Sharing photographs taken with friends and family is one of the most enjoyable aspects of a photo experience. It’s more than about simply capturing memories – sharing is an integral part of the experience itself. Listening to our customers, we understood that being able to conserve memories by sharing images instantly was what was missing from the high-quality cameras that they trust. With this in mind, we
added ground-breaking Wi-Fi functions to our zoom camera, building on the brilliant image quality that high-quality sensors and zoom lenses provide - now with the ability to share and save like never before,” shared Mr. Arias.

Share unforgettable scenes in High Definition. 
Whether filming your grand summer vacation or your child’s graduation, the Samsung WB150F enables you to share your video in HD. The WB150F captures spectacular scenery shots with a fantastic 720/30p HD capture, ensuring that once-in-a-lifetime experiences are captured in all the color and vibrancy that you experienced them in.

Making it easy to get the best shot With this new long zoom camera, it’s up to you how you get the best shot. Using WB150F you can explore your own photographic skills with its A/S/M feature wherein you can choose among Aperture Priority, Shutter Priority and Full Manual Control. Now you can adjust based on the shooting and lighting condition you face and achieve your desired images. Another main advantage as well is its optical image stabilization (OIS) that can reduce blurring from camera shake. 

All these to help you get the best shot.

Live Panorama to get everyone in the shot! Live Panorama allows you to capture even more of the action, facilitating wide panoramic shots without missing any of the 

detail – from sprawling mountain peaks to large groups of friends. This function 
allows the easy capture of large scenes by simply holding down the shutter button 
and sweeping the camera across. Users can even preview the whole scene they have just captured via the LCD screen. Fun feature to add a twist to your photos.

Why not add some more fun by getting creative with your photographs?
With Split Shot you can divide the screen using the preset layouts and create different photographs by simply blending them together to create a whole new view to your photos.

During the launch, the guests were in for a treat that night as Iya Villania hosted the event while Sam YG, Laureen Uy and Ashley Rivera (aka Petra Mahalimuyak) all demonstrated the Wi-Fi function as well as the unique features of the Samsung WB150F. Each ambassador showed how the Samsung WB150F complemented their different lifestyles using the various features of the SMART camera.

With the new Samsung Smart Camera, Samsung aims to deliver powerful optical performance and to revolutionize the compact camera industry with the addition of a built-in Wi-Fi technology to make sharing and saving of photos more convenient. Creating clear and crisp memories and sharing them with loved ones have now become a breeze with Samsung’s latest offering. Shoot Wow, Share Now with the Samsung Smart Camera WB150F.

The Samsung SMART Camera WB150F is available nationwide and retails at Ph11,990.
Click on the link below to view Samsung’s Smart Camera Picture Perfect Summer Video by Petrang Mahalimuyak. (Video will be accessible by March 29, 2012 at 11:00am)

     MARCH 29, 2012   "PRESS RELEASED"  by :  Samsung