Thursday, March 1, 2012

Erich Gonzales for Corazon ang unang Aswang


Taking time out from the romance trail, Derek Ramsey and Erich Gonzales essay a drama triller in their first time team-up. Star Cinema's CORAZON : Ang Unang Aswang. Written & Directed by Richard Somes.

Direk Richand Somes, Erich Gonzales & Derek Ramsey

                                         Derek Ramsy as Daniel and Erich Gonzales as Corazon.

     Erich plays the character Corazon whose otherwise peaceful life in a small town is shattered by a crime that brings back her tragic memory about World war II.
     Derek plays Daniel, Corazon's husband, whose obsession in life is to sire a child with Corazon. Having a baby is the only important thing Corazon want in life, but She and Daniel have been unsuccessful in having one even if they've been married for five years.

Erich Gonzales

     The death of Corazon's fahter prompt the townspeople to hurt insults at Corazon about her past, forcing her and Daniel to transfer to another town where they seek the help of a woman in their desire to have a baby.  Wish granted. But the baby comes out stillborn. Corazon and Daniel's world is shattered. Will love sustain them, help them survive then new trial?

       FEBRUARY 29, 2012  "PRESSCON" at Dolphy Theater Abs-Cbn