Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Samsung Dual SIM Champ Deluxe DUOS with Toni Gonzaga's perfect companion

Samsung Dual SIM Champ Deluxe DUOS with Toni Gonzaga's perfect companion

Toni Gonzaga & Sam Milby New Endorser of Samsung Dual Sim Champ Deluxe DUOS


The new Dual SIM Champ Deluxe DUOS from Korean mobile phone giant Samsung is the perfect companion for Toni in managing the two sides of her life. The stylish device marries both sleek form, with its chic metallic finish and iconic curves, and practical function. 

Toni Gonzaga

In order to help Toni keep in touch with her vast list of industry contacts as well as close friends and family, the Champ Deluxe DUOS features  Samsung's very own "Dual SIM, Dual On" technology, which provides simultaneous access to two SIMs for greater coverage and convenience without interchanging SIMs or rebooting the device, as with some other Dual SIM options, or having to bring a pair of separate mobile phones. 

Even more excitingly, this stunning gadget also comes embedded with the popular ChatOn instant messaging app - a messaging service that allows Toni to exchange unlimited messages, calendar entries, contacts and even audio/video content for free on her mobile data plan, so that she can stay updated and entertained on-the-go.

With its multitasking features and a dual commitment to both style and function, the Samsung Champ Deluxe DUOS works just as hard as the versatile, multi-faceted Toni does.

     MARCH 5, 2012  "MEDIA LAUNCH"  at Daft, Gastropub BGC

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