Friday, February 3, 2012

Coca-Cola: 100-Years Crown Billboard

From Crops to Crowns: World’s 1st Tansan Billboard opens up 100th Year of Coca-Cola in RP
100 Years of Opening Happiness. 100 Years More.

Remember when a plant billboard mysteriously grew out of nowhere along EDSA last year? Well, prepare to be amazed again as this time an entire billboard made out Coca-Cola crowns has risen up the highway!

Last January 17, 2012, in line with its 100th anniversary in the country, Coca-Cola unveiled simultaneously in key locations across the country (North EDSA in Quezon City, Highway Seno in Cebu and Ulas Highway in Davao), three incredible tansan billboard structures- the first of its kind in the world! All bearing the special insignia of the brand’s 100th year celebration headlined with a simple “thank you” message, the eye-catching road ads were erected to officially open up the year of happiness in the Philippines.

“We have created these extraordinary Coca-Cola crown billboards because 2012 is a very special year for the Filipinos. It is the year Coca-Cola gives back and gives thanks for the last 100 years of choosing and believing in happiness. This is the reason why the beloved brand is still here, today. The billboards are a signal of the start of the biggest, yearlong celebration we’ve ever had in the Philippines yet and the whole nation is invited,” said Guillermo Aponte, president and general manager of Coca-Cola Philippines.

There couldn’t be any more meaningful way to kick off such once in a lifetime milestone than with an iconic showcase befitting of a truly iconic brand. Even greater is the truth they stand for. More than merely symbolizing the brand’s 100-year presence in the Philippines, they represent a nation of happy people. With every crown come generations of stories of unrelenting optimism in the face of the gravest obstacles as well as the most memorable moments of sharing, bonding and coming together.

In a colossal manner, the crown billboards show us how each of us form a significant part of the distinctive contour bottle and the brand that has witnessed our struggles and triumphs; a brand that has embraced our way of life and weaved in its refreshing magic to it.

Alongside the many challenges this nation continue to endure, Coca-Cola rouses the Filipino spirit through our 100 Years campaign as icon of optimism. As Aponte points out: “May the crown billboards remind the Filipinos of their unbreakable spirit nurtured throughout the remarkable journey they have shared with Coca-Cola over the last 100 years. Moreover, may they inspire them to continue to face the future head on with a Coke in hand and hearts fueled by happiness.”

As we head on to a new chapter in our nation’s history, Coca-Cola, through its spectacular crown billboards, invites us to look back and cherish the past one hundred years of opening happiness and to make the pledge to continually open more towards the next 100 years. Coca-Cola. Maraming Salamat sa 100 Taon ng Saya. Ituloy ang Happiness! Visit the Coca-Cola Facebook fan page and/or for more information.


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