Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coca-Cola Launches Every Bottles Has A Story - Jenny Sanchez Story

Coca-Cola Launches Every Bottles Has A Story - Jenny Sanchez Story With the Little Red Schoolhouse Project

A 13-year old Jenny Sanchez dreams of going to college and becoming a teacher.   Her favorite subject is Science.  Her dreams are not insurmountable but for the fact that she has to traverse two hours on foot, crossing streams and open fields just to get to class.  Jenny’s parents work very hard making charcoal to sell in the market of their isolated village in Tarlac, Philippines

Jenny has proven to be an avid student. Her perseverance and enthusiasm to stay in school and her dream of becoming a teacher was the inspiration for the latest Coca-Cola ‘Every Bottle Has a Story’ documentary film.  The film features Jenny, one of the few Aetas to finish elementary school, as well as her teacher, Grace Ann Maristela, who observes first-hand the transformation that education has had on Jenny and the other children in the class.  “The children have a greater sense of confidence, said Ms. Maristela.  “They are eager to aim high and see their lives more positively.”

Jenny and her family belong to the Aeta community, an indigenous tribe living in the remote region of Sitio Mabilog Anopol,  Tarlac, in the Philippines.   For the residents of Sitio Malasa, an under-developed multi-cultural community where Jenny’s school is located, life is a daily struggle.  The Aetas are among the poorest of the indigenous communities throughout the Philippines.    Aeta children face severe disadvantages as their access to education is often restricted not only by distance, but also by a shortage of school buildings, trained teachers and basic school supplies. 

This problem is shared by many children in remote rural communities throughout the Philippines. To help improve basic education in impoverished areas, Coca-Cola Philippines launched the Little Red Schoolhouse project in 1997. The Little Red Schoolhouse project was created to help improve elementary education for disadvantaged children in remote areas all across the country. Coca-Cola’s partnership with the Philippines Department of Education and the Philippine Business for Social Progress has built 275 classrooms at 93 schools nationwide, reaching nearly 60,000 schoolchildren and more than 3,100 teachers thus far.Each Little Red Schoolhouse is fully furnished and includes a water system and toilets. The project also provides training for teachers, particularly on classroom management techniques for multi-grade environments. It also provides storybooks and a special reading program in partnership with the Sa Aklat Sisikat (SAS) Foundation, to encourage the love and habit of reading among the students. Parent-Teacher-Community Associations (PTCA) are also organized to provide support to the teachers, particularly in keeping the children in school and maintaining the school infrastructure.

“Education is one of the gifts that one can give a community that will surely create positive change and ensure a better future for all,” said Cecile Alcantara, President, Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines.  “This year, the Coca-Cola Foundation Philippines is on track to complete and turn over its 100thLittle Red Schoolhouse as Coca-Cola celebrates its 100th anniversary in the Philippines.  We are proud to work side by side with teachers and parents to make these schools successful.” 

To commemorate its 100th year in the Philippines, Coca-Cola Philippines will construct its 100th Little Red Schoolhouse by the end of 2012.This is one of several transformational programs that the Company has accelerated this year as a gesture of gratitude to the Philippine people for making Coca-Cola part of their lives for the last 100 years.  

Coca-Cola began operations in the Philippines in 1912.  The country was the first nation outside of the North American region to receive a Coca-Cola bottling and distribution franchise.  Today, the Philippines ranks among the top ten global markets for The Coca-Cola Company.

August 1, 2012 "A pre-screening was hosted by Coca-Cola Philippines at myCinema in Greenbelt 3."