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Sharon Fuentebella, Executive Vice President of the Max’s Group of Companies

Defining a Lifestyle with Brand Heritage and Quality

Food is arguably one of the best recipes for success. Mix it with history and heritage and what you get is a veritable force in the industry--known more for introducing homegrown flavors to the world and bringing in globally loved brands to the Philippines--The Max’s Group of Companies.

More than sixty years have passed but the most loved Filipino heritage food brand’s efforts to redefine the way Filipinos dine continues. Indeed, the Max’s Group of Companies consistently and successfully excited our palates—from its homegrown delights to world-renowned treats.

Fruitful Beginnings

1945 was a notable year for the company, as it was the year when Max’s Restaurant was established. Its early beginnings were made noteworthy by the special recipe of its fried chicken, served in its first store in Quezon City.

From that single branch, Max’s then expanded across Metro Manila, Northern and Southern Luzon, Cebu and eventually, expanding internationally with branches in Canada, Dubai, and U.S.A.

“For years, Max’s Restaurant has been part of grand gatherings and intimate dining moments. It was no fluke why the restaurant continues to thrive as a household name, an institution and a proud Filipino tradition,” says Robert Trota, Chief Executive Officer of Max’s Group of Companies.

Apart from main dishes served by Max’s Restaurant, the Max’s Group of Companies introduced another brand that delighted Filipinos with its baked delights. Max’s Corner Bakery, which was formerly known as Max’s Bakeshop, started its operations in the 1960’s.

The dinner rolls and loaves of bread that were first offered by Max’s Corner Bakery later diversified. Pastry and cake collections were introduced to cater to specific celebrations and shared moments like birthdays and weddings. Also, these products are made
conveniently available at the take-out counters inside Max’s Restaurant.

Meanwhile, as Max’s Restaurant and Max’s Corner Bakery continue to make its mark in the local casual dining industry, the Max’s Group of Companies marked another milestone when they brought in the 69-year old North Carolina-based doughnut shop—Krispy Kreme into the Philippines.

The globally renowned U.S. brand thus became another favorite for Filipinos as it continues to serve and delight its customers, while upholding the value of sharing through doughnuts and coffee.

“To date, the Max’s Group of Companies is already operating more than 20 Krispy Kreme stores across Metro Manila, half a decade after launching its first branch in the country. In fact, we recently opened a new branch in the South and have already discussed our plans to expand our nationwide operations,” adds Trota.

Apart from brand acquisitions and expansions, Max’s Group of Companies’ has also entered the franchising market, with the intent of sharing the best of local food concepts to more Filipinos and all over the world.

“This initiative aims to give business opportunities for dynamic individuals who are interested and willing to invest in the long standing tradition of quality offered only by our brands,” shares Trota.

Seeing the healthy side

Meanwhile Sharon Fuentebella, Executive Vice President of the Max’s Group of Companies shares how their growing food portfolio gives them a new perspective on the eating habits of Filipinos.

“Filipinos are consciously getting more involved with active pursuits and we want to serve and cater to this growing community,” Fuentebella says.

Given this, the Max’s Group of Companies is now introducing a new cult brand: Jamba Juice—California’s famed lifestyle brand, for the first time in Southeast Asia. Established in 1990, Jamba Juice is the leading destination for specialty better-for-you beverage and food offerings, including great tasting whole fruit smoothies and a variety of baked goods and snacks

“We believe that the Philippines has a huge potential for being one of the strongest markets for Jamba Juice, given the interest that Filipinos have shown, especially recently, for active living,” adds Fuentebella.

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