Saturday, May 26, 2012

A-Gantea offer a great tea experience worldwide

A-GANTEA was established in 2006 by Chairman Mr. Vincent Ho. First A-Gantea branch opened in Feng Chia night market in Taichung, Taiwan. It is brought to the Philippines by Qoola Phils Inc.

A-Gantea, with “A” means a happy disposition and “Gan” means sweet, is devoted in developing all kinds of specialty blended tea beverages to suit the taste of students, office workers and families.

A-Gantea guarantees quality beverages by selecting tea leaves from an altitude of 1200m in Taiwan’s Ali Mountains and makes their drinks in accordance with the type and character of the tea leaves by controlling time, temperature and water quality precisely.

What makes A-Gantea stand-out from other milk tea brands is their use of fresh fruit in their fruit teas and their special milk teas use premium imported milk with white chewy tapioca pearls and black pearls that are softer and sweeter that provides a different experience in the mouth. A-Gantea’s uniquely flavored products are sure to set a new tea drinking culture in the Philippines.

A-Gantea milk tea has a balance combination of milk and tea flavor while original brew contains pure quality tea flavor. Its fruit tea is also as refreshing like other A-Gantea drinks.   

A-Gantea provides a different experience that sets them apart from other tea brands. Their best sellers include Bubble Milk Tea with white tapioca pearls,  Pear Fruit Tea with agar bits, Hawaiian Fruit Tea, QQ Milk Tea with coconut jelly and Taro Milk Tea with taro agar bits. Signifying the freshness and pureness of tea with their green and blue colors, A-Gantea also aims in bringing the benefits of tea to it’s consumers. Tea has the following benefits:

-Tea is rich in anti-oxidants and can help slow down the aging process. It helps in repairing and regenerating new cells in the body.
-Tea lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke and improves cholesterol levels.
-Tea also contains flouride and tannins that fight cavities and reduce plaque.
-Tea helps the body’s immune defenses.
-Tea is also a good digestive aid after a meal.
-Tea protects against cancer and neurogical disoreders


A-Gantea Tea Café, Your Lifestyle Tea Café is conceptualized by the company for the everyone to experience a young and trendy ambiance with free wifi.

Presently, A-Gantea has 100 stores in the metro including tea café in Malayasia. With A-Gantea’s goal to reach more market and to offer a great tea experience worldwide, A-Gantea will soon open tea cafe in Robinson’s Ermita, Ayala Triangle Makati and Harbor Point in Subic.

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