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Magnum Ice Cream: Bigger and Better in 2013

“Magnum Ice Cream: Bigger and Better in 2013”

2012 was the year of Magnum. Magnum’s hype and online buzz quickly spread throughout social media websites making it a trending topic thereby creating the term “Magnum Marketing”. Those who’ve tried it recommended it proudly and those who have yet to rushed to the nearest store just to say they’ve tried it. Magnum was so huge it was the number one searched food item on Google in 2012. Made of the finest Belgian chocolate, and rich velvety ice cream in four different flavors – classic, almond, chocolate truffle, and choco cappuccino – Magnum has made its mark as the premium ice cream brand in the market.
This year the Magnum family is expanding. In addition to the existing range, Magnum is introducing the new Chocolatier Collection: with Magnum Chocolate Brownie, and Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry. With two unique new flavors Magnum is offering a more pleasurable and exciting experience to suit one’s personal preference.

- Dig into the New Magnum Chocolate Brownie and indulge in smooth, creamy brownie flavored ice cream coated in thick cracking Belgian chocolate with chunky cashew nut pieces. Chocolate brownies overloaded with even more chocolate? New Magnum Chocolate Brownie will surely satisfy any chocolate lover’s craving for this classic comfort food.

- Bite into the New Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry with delicious strawberry sauce rippled through creamy vanilla ice cream and coated in thick cracking Belgian chocolate. The indulgent yet refreshing pleasure of chocolate dipped strawberries is perfectly captured in this Magnum ice cream. The new Magnum Chocolate & Strawberry gives Magnum lovers a new perspective on indulgence. 

Whatever flavor is your favorite, Magnum ice cream offers you a very personal and unique moment of luxury, indulgence, and pleasure.

Also, joining the Magnum family is the brand’s latest ambassador, Georgina Wilson. Model, VJ, host, Georgina is the perfect addition to the Magnum brand ambassadors. As someone who appears to live a very glamorous lifestyle, Georgina also enjoys life’s simple pleasures – quality time with friends and family, reading a good book, and indulging in desserts. Her cravings are satisfied by the premium taste of a Magnum ice cream bar. Her go-to indulgence for when her busy schedule becomes too much to handle, Magnum ice cream offers that same comfort to all.

With two exciting new flavors and the addition of Georgina Wilson into the Magnum family, people can expect bigger and better things from Magnum in 2013. More indulgence, more luxury, more flavors, and more pleasure to come your way.

7 Magnum Ambassadors

Rajo, Erwann, Solenn, Georgina, & Tessa

Erwann, Solenn, Georgina, Tessa, Liz, & Raymond


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