Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Miss ChinaTown Philippines: Celebrating Fil-Chinese culture and beauty

 Miss ChinaTown Philippines: Celebrating Fil-Chinese culture and beauty 

Another culturally enriching beauty search is set to make waves in the beauty pageant scene with the launching of Miss ChinaTown Philippines.

The newest beauty competition was formally introduced to the members of the media during a press briefing hosted by pageant director Alexis Sy Go, herself a former beauty queen. Together with Miss Go in the executive board.

“The Miss ChinaTown Philippines pageant was conceptualized to serve as a unifying event for Fil-Chinese communities,” according to Ms. Go. “This pageant will redefine Fil-Chinese beauty and pave the way for better business relations, and realize cultural and artistic goals.”

Miss ChinaTown Philippines will set a new template for a pageant rich in tradition yet imbued with modern touches. The days leading to the coronation night will be filled with various activities highlighting the glorious past of Fil-Chinese and the way it helped shape the Fil-Chinese culture in the 21st century. Proceeds generated from the pageant will go to the Miss ChinaTown Philippines Foundation.

“This is a nationwide search for Fil-Chinese beauty who will eventually serve as Ambassadress of Fil-Chinese communities. Soon, we hope to be able to conduct a worldwide search in every China Town in every country all over the world,” Ms. Go adds.

Screening of applicants is on-going for all interested Fil-Chinese beauties between 18 to 25 years old and at least 5’4” tall. Applicants should also possess talent, be familiar with current issues, and must be fluent in either Mandarin or Fookien. The last day of screening will be December 19, 2012.

Serving as the platform of the much awaited prestigious event is Carousel Productions Inc., the company behind the only relevant global beauty pageant, Miss Earth in partnership with the City of San Juan which is known for its progressing Chinese community. The coronation night will be telecast on ABS-CBN on the eve of the Chinese New Year, February 9, 2013 at the San Juan Arena.